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  • If you've ever fantasized about spending a secluded weekend locked away in a private villa in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean then the sweet and kissable Spencer Scott would be at the brassiere of our guest list. Although she looks phenomenal in her turquoise polka-dot thong bikini we'd make it a rule that she could never wear clothes and our only objective would be to see how many orgasms we both could have. Now how do we make it a reality?

  • By chance the other day we discovered in our vault video of the alluring Carli Banks taking a shower and masturbating. Okay, we don't have a vault, only firm drives, but we did discover this footage of Carli we completely forgot about. Probably because the cameraman didn't pay attention to his reflection in all the glass and mirrors but that won't detract you from focusing on Carli. She looks so attractive and erotic washing all her natural curves and then jumps up all juicy on the counter to massage out one more orgasm for the day. She doesn't start out wearing a bathing suit but in Carli's case who cares.

  • Randy Moore Sheer G-string in Shower Behind the Scenes Randy Moore Sheer G-string in Shower Behind the Scenes

    A libidinous sheer swim suit is the perfect choice for someone with an extraordinary bod like Randy Moore's. Seeing tense nipples poking through sheer fabric is always inviting but in Randy's case it's the sheer bottoms that will draw your attention. You'll dig the method her tightly cropped undress of pubic mane points the method to her puffy camel toe which you can tell is barely concealing her hung tasty twat lips. In public Randy says she's a bit more modest with her choice of bikini only because she doesn't want to draw too much attention to herself. Fortunately, in private she wants all the attention she can get.

  • Akira Lane Orange Fishnet Sling Behind the Scenes Akira Lane Orange Fishnet Sling Behind the Scenes

    Akira Lane had a sneaking suspicion that we would have her wearing bright neon colors as usual and we didn't disappoint her with an incredibly sultry orange fishnet sling. With her beautiful brown skin the brighter the better and her perfectly round rack and nipples are ideal for a nice sling bathing suit. We dig watching Akira get stripped and play with herself but you have to agree watching and listening to her posing is equally entertaining.

  • Joselyn is a jungle princess Joselyn is a jungle princess

    Joselyn's build is absolutely glistening in this video! She has on a sultry gold bikini as she poses outdoors for a few shots!

  • Layla Rose Sheer Pink Bikini & Oil Behind the Scenes Layla Rose Sheer Pink Bikini & Oil Behind the Scenes

    What does a erotic tiny Hispanic sex kitten do in Hollywood on a naughty afternoon by the pool? Well naturally she takes out a bottle of baby oil and lubes up her large melons to where they are literally juicy with oil. Unfortunately no one is around to slide something long and firm between them but at least the oil will keep her monster brown nipples nice and silken. Did we forget to mention how sensual she looks in her sheer pink g-string bathing suit?

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